Beautiful Scenery in Sapa

Sapa- an attractive destination

Sapa is orientated to make the most of the spectacular views emerging on clear days; overlooking a plunging valley, with mountains towering above on all sides. Views of this epic scenery are often subdued by thick mist rolling across the peaks, but even when it’s cloudy, local hill-tribe people fill the town with colour. Visitors should come here soon to enjoy beautiful scenery in Sapa.

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Beautiful scenery

Located on the height of 1,500m at the flank of Lo Suay Tong Mount, it is cool all year round with stretching mountains, far away is pretty Muong Hoa valley.

a fancy Sapa in fog

 On the 5th January to the lunar year, the temperature was only 6 Celsius and this city was covered with fog. It was so interesting to see the children played in fog, the daily activities of the ethnic girls and the daily life of the local people. All of them had made a beautiful picture.

The ancient church is located in the center of city which was built by French in early 20th century. Most of tourists come to Sapa visit this church as the symbol of Sapa.

an ancient church

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Unique Food

food in sapa
tasty food

In the evening in Sapa, the temperature gets lower but it is crowded time. Everyone goes to grilled stalls to enjoy grilled food, specialties such as: grilled pork, grilled sweet potato, pork “held in hand”, grilled vegetable and especially wild apple wine.


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