Good book cafes in Hanoi


Sometimes we all just want a quiet spot in a foreign city to rest a bit before continue the adventure. So we go to a café, but not just any café. Normally a standard café is very loud, but in a book café, it is very quiet, suitable for travelers with a knack for books. Here are some recommended book café in Hanoi in case you have free time.

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Moc Mien

Moc Mien cafe via Kul News

Nestled on a quiet street along the windy West Lake, since the name suggests also gives people a sense of utmost simplicity and peace. Coming to Moc Mien, you do not just get immersed into space youthful, bright, but also opened up an extremely ideal setting. When evening came, sat sipping a cup of coffee and daydreaming into melodious music, eyes glanced through the doorway watching the lake rippling waves, felt strangely relieved.

This lovely cafe consists of 3 floors, and furnished yet extremely compact and refined. If the second floor is filled with colorful picture books, the 3rd floor to satisfy the guests favorite novels or romances long. Not only that, it makes people more “confusion” this place is because everything belongs Moc Mien are petite and adorable.

Le Petit Cafe

Le Petit cafe via Foody

Been rated as one of the most beautiful café in Hanoi in 2013, Le Petit as a subtle touches with both French architecture and classic elegance again. Located in a small alley Ha Hoi, Le Petit is where you can not ignore if you want to find a quiet space, away from the whistle, the sound of cars on the noisy street corner.

Shop space is quite small but furnished, decorated impressive library as a lovely, gentle but extremely romantic. Not only many books and stories, Le Petit also loved by many young people drink menu and snacks also quite western.

Impianto Coffee Shop

Impianto Coffee Shop via Lozy

Impianto is the secret garden that not everyone knows. Few people think that, in the middle of busy streets Bach Mai has a place “paradise” ideal and so peaceful. Located on the 8th floor of a building, with space Impianto and extremely wonderful scenery. When you arrive, you can be “overwhelmed” by the space and modern, chic again just overflowing vitality.

In addition to coming here to enjoy the story thrilling, exciting or uplifting poetry, if you are passionate about with lovely potted plants, the main Impianto is where you can not forget. The restaurant also has a balcony, nothing more wonderful when the afternoon to sit from above, withdrawing into a space of our own, weaving between the trees green, feel the wind gently wafted intermittently, let alone the same sunset, in a heart of lightheadedness, anxiety.

Tranquil Books & Coffee

Tranquil cafe via Pinterest

Right from entering the cafe on the small Nguyen Quang Bich street, you’ve instantly been mixing in the quiet, relaxing with jazz deposition. Not only create a sense of warmth, gentle, Tranquil longer “Footbinding” living by the book extremely interesting, diverse in genre and is lined on the higher prices to the ceiling.

Coming here, you like being back in time, looking for old memories with pretty quiet space. In addition to Tranquil to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with good books, you can also choose this place to meet with friends, review together a couple of stories of his childhood was also extremely interesting, just to think about it is in your heart flutter see.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Hanoi!

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