Giang cafe in Hanoi


Giang café is one of Vietnamese’s pride when it comes to coffee. Because the unique Egg coffee that only found in Giang café that makes this place famous even on international scale.If you ask for a recommendation on a good café in Hanoi, most of Hanoian will probably recommend you this place .If you ever find yourself in the middle of Hanoi’s old quarter, drop by Nguyen Huu Huan street (really close to Sword Lake) and give this place a try. Surely you will not regret the time and the effort.

>> May coffee Da Nang.

How to find Giang cafe

Giang cafe’s front door via Bao phu nu

On one of the endlessly busy streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, tourists and locals alike can be seen searching for the almost-hidden cafe down a narrow alley where the original cà phê trúng (egg coffee) can be found.

The coffee itself

Egg coffe via Restaurants in Vietnam

On the menu is an array of drinks but all anyone is ordering is this beverage, in hot or cold versions. The hot one, served with the cup sitting in a small dish of hot water to maintain its temperature, is almost too thick to drink, so I use a small spoon.

It doesn’t taste of egg – more like vanilla – and while I can taste the coffee at the bottom of the cup, the egg part is surprisingly light-tasting and not at all sickly, though certainly sweet. The cold option, laden with ice, is more of a dessert and tastes like coffee ice-cream.

History of Giang cafe

At the counter, collecting payment, sits Nguyen Van Dao, whose father invented the drink in 1946 while working as a bartender at the city’s Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel. At the time, milk was scarce in Vietnam so whisked egg yolk was used as a replacement. Other Hanoi cafes have attempted to imitate the drink, but the packed venue offering the authentic version is still the most popular spot in town for an egg coffee fix.

Coffee powder, condensed milk, a little butter and cheese are also added to the mix, but Mr Nguyen won’t reveal all the details. “It’s a secret recipe,” he says with a grin over the sound of a blender furiously whirring away in the kitchen behind him

Hope you have a wonderful time in Hanoi and even a greater time trying out this café shop.

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