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Cong Coffee in Da nang

Cong Coffee is a popular coffee shop that’s taken Da Nang by storm with its rustic, military chic decor. This city is now packed with franchises and several of them are good spots to stop by for a break and some people watching during yours days of exploring.
Zephyr Cafe in Hanoi

With a good view to watch the Hanoi's traffic, and white Art Deco style, Zephyr may be a good spot for your Hanoi tour. Depending on your preference, style, and maybe age, you’ll either find Zephyr refreshingly classic or insipidly old-fashioned. Just like the building itself, try and look on the bright side.
Antique Cafe

Located in the Old Quarter, Antique Cafe may be your stopping spot to relax when you explore the beauty of Hanoi. New kid on the block Antique Cafe brings a dazzling touch of the old world back to Hanoi’s French Quarter.

With a great location in Hanoi, Manzi is a good coffee shop, it serves not only coffee, but also many delicious foods. Every self-respecting city needs an artistic retreat like Manzi.

Spacebar successfully blends cafe and co-working with comfortable work stations, delicious beverages and refreshingly reliable internet speeds.

Located close to the international airport, Café Up is an absolute must-try when in the city. Walking into this venue is like stepping into a wonderland, with the interior resembling an upside down house, featuring long vines hanging from the roof

Egg coffee – an unique culture of Hanoi If you have chance to visit Hanoi one day, remember to enjoy its egg coffee. Why so?...

Hanoi - wonderful destination to enjoy unique coffee The Hanoians drink a lot of the dark, caffeinated beverage and prefer sipping their stronger blends outside...

The Vietnamese have a love of coffee that is bordering on obsession – and for good reason. Preparation and delivery of the hallowed, roasted...
Vietnam Coffee

It is not accidental when you are often invited to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea when you visit offices or traditional restaurants...